With TOMRA Connect In-store Marketing you can activate powerful customer communication features available in your TOMRA reverse vending solution. Extend your reverse vending installation to become a customer touchpoint: share your story or promotion, and enable customers to support your chosen local charitable causes with donation features.



  • Share your marketing or brand story through the high-resolution color screen of your modern TOMRA reverse vending machine.
  • Videos, images and web content can be displayed to customers entering your store, all managed through the TOMRA Connect portal.
  • Your reverse vending machine can be used to issue entry-coupons to consumers before they start their shopping. Offer them promotions on the products you are campaigning.
  • Coupons can be delivered to every customer, or according to rules set in the promotion campaign.
  • Offer your customers the opportunity to contribute their deposit refunds to local charitable causes of your choice.
  • The refund amount can be split between up to four separate donation recievers.
  • Run campaigns on any screen in the store with our TOMRA Digital Signage hardware.

  • Show advertisments on the RVM screen based on returned containers.
  • Use targeted coupons based on types of returned containers.



Maximize the value of your reverse vending machine even when it is not actively in use by customers. Show video presentations, animations or images on the machine display to inform and influence your customers when they enter your store.

Share your brand story and daily or seasonal promotions.

Contents can be scheduled through TOMRA Connect and automatically uploaded to your reverse vending machines, subject to availability of sufficient broadband connection to the machine.

Access to the campaign scheduler can be granted to your marketing manager or your agency.



Offer customers promotional entry coupons in addition to the recycling receipt, as part of brand or product promotion activities.

Coupons can be distributed to each machine user or based on the existence of specific products in a user's recycling session. Explore the promotional possibilities with us today.

Coupon campaigns can be scheduled through TOMRA Connect and automatically uploaded to your reverse vending machines by your marketing staff or agency.



Make recycling even more rewarding for your customers and your business by enabling customers to use their deposit refunds to make donations to local organizations and charities, simply by pressing a donation button on the reverse vending machine touch screen.

Advanced options of up to four separate donation beneficiaries can be arranged, and TOMRA Connect provides reporting on the donation sums that should be distributed to each cause.


Combine on-screen promotion, targeted couponing and digital signage in your campaigns.

Run campaigns on any screen in store through TOMRA Connect with TOMRA Digital Signage hardware. Show advertisments on the Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) screen based on returned containers. Print out targeted coupons on RVM based on returned containers


"TOMRA Connect offers a feature-rich campaign management tool to administer in-store marketing activities across your fleet of reverse vending machines."

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