With your reverse vending systems connected to TOMRA Connect, a new world of products unfolds to provide you full control over every aspect of in-store reverse vending management.




  • Instant in-app notifications about reverse vending machine attendance needs to iOS or Android smart phone or device.

  • Always be informed when there is a need to resolve situations before customers are inconvenienced.

  • Get a graphical representation of your reverse vending installation with assistance on how to resolve store-manageable situations.
  • Statistics, cleaning status and other useful information is available at your fingertips.
  • The TOMRA Connect web portal offers regional retail management access to fleet monitoring of thousands of reverse vending machines with status indicator and a wealth of information.
  • Search for specific installations, stores, sort by region, machine type, machine status or other criteria.
  • Secure your refunds and avoid any chance of double redemption or deposit-receipt fraud.
  • Enable chain-wide payout and guaranteed correct refunds.

TOMRA Connect Notify+Assist

TOMRA Connect Notify+Assist gives you instant notifications as well as a graphical representation of the reverse vending machines you have in your store. Assistance is provided for situations that can be resolved by store personnel, and helps to increase store staff confidence with handling the reverse vending system.

With intuitive user management, context-dependent assistance, daily statistics and real-time status for all of your TOMRA reverse vending machines, Notify+Assist will help to make the most of your TOMRA reverse vending machine investment in terms of high uptime and meeting the demanding expectations of retail recyclers.

Available for smart phone, tablets and desktop computers, TOMRA Connect Notify+Assist is versatile and can be employed in store environments in many ways.

Allow store staff to download the app to their smartphones to be informed about machine status when at work, install a tablet at the checkout, or monitor the webapp through the office or customer service desk PC.

600x400 FleetView

TOMRA Connect Fleet View


The TOMRA Connect web portal is the solution for monitoring real-time operational status for reverse vending machines on a regional, national or international level.

TOMRA Connect Fleet View offers real-time updated information on the operational status of reverse vending machines across a chain, from one to several thousand locations. The dashboard with daily statistics on the number of consumer sessions, number of empties received and the deposit payout across the fleet is updated every 20 minutes.

TOMRA Connect Receipt Control


Turn on this powerful loss-protection system and stop worrying about double redemption of deposit receipts.

TOMRA Connect Receipt Control is integrated with store checkout systems to ensure real-time validation and redemption of deposit receipts as they are presented by the consumer. If a deposit receipt has already been redeemed, the receipt will not be acknowledged and the transaction cancelled. Receipt Control further opens up the possibility to offer chain-wide redemption, and makes it possible to validate receipts regardless of the connectivity setup in the store.

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