TOMRA’s consumer engagement programs and features instantly turns your reverse vending solution into a powerful customer touchpoint and loyalty channel.

TOMRA ReAct consumer engagement technology includes a broad range of applications and functionalities that extend the recycling user journey into the digital life of consumers. Customers earn recycling points, redeem rewards and make donations.


  • TOMRA offers turnkey loyalty programs for consumers with points generation and attractive rewards and engagement - offered free of charge to retailers with compatible TOMRA reverse vending machines (subject to market availability).
  • Consumers identify themselves when using the reverse vending machine, and earn points for future redemption through the program, building loyalty to your store, one bottle at the time.
  • Integration with loyalty cards (barcode/NFC/other), payment providers, gift card vendors and other partners are available as part of the TOMRA ReAct technology platform.
  • For customers with existing loyalty programs or with a desire to own the branding and messaging towards consumers, TOMRA also offer whitelabel solutions to integrate with existing programs.
  • For whitelabel programs full autonomy over customer communication, engagement and reward fulfillment is available while TOMRA provides technical infrastructure and services.
  • Integration with loyalty cards, payment providers, gift card vendors and other partners are available as part of the TOMRA ReAct technology platform.

TOMRA recycling loyalty programs

Building on the TOMRA ReAct consumer engagement technology, TOMRA offers feature-rich and attractive recycling loyalty programs to retail customers and consumers.

Visit our program websites below to learn more, and contact us to have your reverse vending machines connected to the program.

Europe and worldwide:


Consumer engagement

How does it work?

TOMRA's consumer engagement programs enable consumers to identify themselves when using the TOMRA reverse vending machine in their local supermarket or in a public location.

Identification can be done in many ways;

  • By using the TOMRA ReAct app and scanning the membership barcode with the reverse vending mounted barcode readers (where available).
  • By scanning the QR code printed on the reverse vending machines receipt through the TOMRA ReAct app.
  • By logging in on the touch screen of the reverse vending machine with a pre-registered phone number or email adress.
  • By entering the recycling code from the reverse vending machine receipt on the program website.

Once finished with recycling the user can visit the program website and check the points balance, browse available rewards and engage in the recycling community.

It is free of charge for both retailers and consumers. It helps to drive traffic to retail stores, it increases the attractiveness of recycling for all, and it is more rewarding for consumers. And of course - it keeps beverage containers out of the oceans, parks and urban areas.

What's not to like about that?

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Capturing the imagination of the world...

TOMRA's ReAct consumer engagement technology has quickly captured the imagination of recycling entrepreneurs worldwide.

It all makes perfect sense, whether in a regulated deposit-refund market, or in a non-deposit region. Rewarding the population for making the right choice to recycle beverage containers keeps packaging out of our oceans and returns it to productive use, while avoiding littering.

With convenient methods for consumer identification it is possible to build an extended relationship with recyclers - creating a community with mutual benefit for the environment, recycling machine operators and consumers.

Whitelabel TOMRA ReAct loyalty programs are already in operation in The Netherlands, South Africa, Bahrain, Romania, USA, and across the Mediterranean region as part of the EU-funded ‘Green Mediterranean Initiative’ aiming to improve recycling in schools across the region.


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